“Created through the Moving Classics residency programme Eyvind Gulbrandsen's new work is inspired from stories contributed from members of the South Iceland Chamber Choir who he interviewed, prompted, cajoled and confided in to reveal their own very personal understanding of their island – their own narratives.

    Aiming to address the issues of modern society where more and more of us fail to fit into the increasingly standardised norms he has purposefully followed the personalities and stories of his collaborators to realise a piece that creates a space for their individuality, eccentricity and expression rather than a formalised framework for his own creative ambitions.

    The result is a remarkable, personal and emotional experience that brings audiences literally face to face with performers laying themselves bare through a piece of incredible music.

    ‘Surrounded by Strangers’ premiered at Cycle Music & Art Festival in Gerðarsafn, Kopavogur on August 15th 2015.”

Surrounded by Strangers (2015)

Click here to experience the premiere (Full lenght)
Click here to experience the premiere (abridged version)

Quotes and reactions:

“This is what makes art meaningful”

Martin S. Kelly

“I feel healed”

American tourist

“I guess that saying 'thanks for making art out of loneliness' is one of those comments you can add to your list” 

Enrica Sciandrone

"Absolutely mindblowing"

Örlygur Ben

Dear friend - this was a great project and get the opportunity to work so closely with you here in Iceland. Moving Cassics rocks! Thank you for all your inspiration and kindness our dear friend. Hope to see you soon. The piece has now got wings and will hopefully fly all over the world!”

Hilmar Örn Agnarsson

“Surrounded by Strangers” was also produced as a 12 screen video installation, premiered at the festival “Enlighten Manchester”. Click the picture to read more.

A single screen presentation of the screens.

Short teaser: