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for the ensemble Lydenskab (fl, trp, vlc, git, pno, perc) and Mannequin Sextet.

This piece is written to the wonderful new ensemble “Lydenskab” and 6 mannequin dolls with loudspeakers installed.

The first performance took place at ANMF in Copenhagen 20. May 2012. The piece changes according to where it is performed. On this first occasion I chose to place the 6 mannequin dolls behind the audience, unnoticed. As the musicians start to play the stage light very slowly fades out to total black. As the dolls gradually creates sound based on the live performance of the musicians, light emerges on the dolls, creating the visual focus point behind the audience. The direct sound from the musicians comes from the black in front of the audience and the electronically modulated version of that sound comes out of the dolls behind the audience. The sound file on this page is a live stereo recording of the first performance and is for documentation only. The piece is meant to be experienced in a room, live.

Live recording below (SUSÅ Festival 2013)

Den Fyrste Song Eg Høyra Fekk/The first song I ever heard (2012)